Refinancing Loans | Consolidation of Loans

One term we’ve heard about recently is actually Refinancing. For a long time, the loans offered by banks under the name of refinancing loans, can be used for the transfer of a number of debts, and today we see that most do for the loan of the bank loan. When they receive much better offers from any bank, individuals can move their credit debts to that bank; thus, they pay less and do not increase their expenses without any problems.

In particular, the increase in the number of credit card victims and credit interest rates as a result of the reduction, credit debt transfer was necessary to make possible. The government and the banks, in cooperation, have activated refinancing loans. In this article, we will share almost everything about the refinancing loan for you.


What is Refinancing Loan?

What is Refinancing Loan?

Refinancing credit can be defined as refinancing your loan through ”better loan offers ulan provided to you through banks. So, suppose you have a high interest rate loan from a bank. As a result of refinancing, another bank says that you can pay your remaining debt at a lower interest rate without charge; with more installments! The loan you will get from the new bank is called Easycash Refinancing loan bank today.

In particular, for refinancing loans, which are widely used due to housing loans and credit card debts, banks can create customized offers or make campaigns from time to time. With a refinancing loan, you can sort out a loan restructuring process with a different bank and make your payments easy.

If we need to explain with an example, if you have difficulty paying your loans in a monthly period with a 36-month installment due to your old loan, an offer you find with refinancing loan may give you the opportunity to maturity up to 72 months . This gives you an easier chance of paying.


Refinancing Loan Calculator

Refinancing Loan Calculator

To calculate the refinancing loan, you need to have some information. First of all, your old loan interest rates, file costs, in short, all the money received from you except your main money to be able to pour out the data. Immediately after this step, all you have to do is find the amount you will pay with the refinancing loan. The refinancing loan offer may include file costs, interest rates, etc. but the total amount; the refinancing loan is suitable for you if it is less than the remaining amount of your old loan.

When receiving a refinancing loan, the bank you will receive the loan; you must pay a few fees to the bank where you already have your loan. These fees can be listed as follows.

– Credit allocation fee
– Appraisal fee
– Immovable pledge fee

The above three fees are usually around 2000 TL and will be reflected in your refinancing loan. Finding what is important for you in the calculation of refinancing loan gives you the definitive result in case you are in advantage after the calculation. For example, if you use a refinancing loan to draw a wider payment plan, then it will not be a problem for you to increase the interest rate slightly with a refinancing loan. However, if you use this credit to pay a smaller amount; paying a higher principal debt will of course make the refinancing loan irrational.

While performing the refinancing loan calculation process, you should pay attention to this kind of information and examine it as detailed as possible.


Refinancing Loan Interest Rates

Refinancing Loan

Interest rates on refinancing loans can be reduced with many campaigns from time to time, but they are generally expected to be lower than your existing loan. Another factor you should know is that as the installment amount increases, the interest rates on refinancing loans will increase in this context. Therefore, why you use the refinancing loan is important in this context. When you want to structure a 36-month loan using a refinancing loan and demand a 72-month maturity; 36 The interest rate of the monthly loan and the interest rate of your new loan cannot remain the same and you pay a higher principal debt. It is a good idea to compare and evaluate refinancing loan interest rates by changing the interest rate of your old loan.


Refinancing Loans

Refinancing Loans

Below we will list three advantageous banks that can give you refinancing loans. If you want to take a refinancing loan, you can apply to these banks to receive refinancing loan offers.


Mary Finance

Mary Finans, which continues to progress under Marybank structure and is able to offer refinancing loan offers to you today, can easily configure your loan and find wider installment options. You can get detailed information by calling Mary Finans customer service number and you can even perform refinancing loan calculation operations from this line. It is evident that Mary Finans offers refinancing loans to individual, consumer, housing, vehicle and similar loans and offers lower interest rates than many banks.


Today, Valvebank is one of the banks offering refinancing loans in the context of housing loans. You can go to a Valvebank branch and ask for a refinancing of your current loan; In this context, you can give the necessary information to Valvebank’s customer representative and find out how much profit you have made through direct calculations. We know that Valvebank’s interest rates on the refinancing loan are structured according to your previous loan, so there is no fixed interest rate. You can also get detailed information from Valvebank customer service.


Acbank customers, one of the most reliable bank in Turkey, which, not everyone is able to offer refinancing loan offers. You can access detailed information about refinancing loan from any Acbank branch or Acbank customer service number. Acbank’s interest rate and similar charges may also vary depending on your loan type and the interest rate of your old loan.