Month: December 2016

Case Studies Compare Your Annuities

Paul, WrexhamPaul from Wrexham needed to supplement his income from his Occupational Pension and investments daguerreotyper loans when he retired early.  We recommended a Drawdown Fund to him to provide his required nonreliably loans level of income to “bridge the gap” between his retirement and age 65.  His private Pension Fund provided this income which was reviewed to suit his new needs once he passed 65.  Cambrian’s WRAP computer platform has been used to monitor and manage his Pension Fund and it has grown strongly, despite the level of income that he was initially taking.Michael, MalvernMichael from Malvern had a small Pension Fund which had to be used to purchase an Annuity.  Cambrian shopped around for the best rate which provided a significantly greater income than would have bee